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What is exfiler?

With exfiler you can share, collaborate and synchronize your files on any device from security and confidentiality required by your company. Our system is cross-platform (PC, Mac, phones, Tablets) in the style of Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, but designed exclusively for companies and in conformity with the European directives for data protection. In exfiler we have applied our experience of more than 15 years in the realization and management of clusters dedicated to large companies and European research centres.

Be efficient with exfiler from the first moment. It is very simple to use, with practically no learning curve. Never will have been so easy to implement a new work tool.

Start by keeping your work in exfiler and will have a backup automatically and available from anywhere. Your files are protected by our dual security system and also you can retrieve even deleted files and previous versions.

Exfiler allows you to easily collaborate with your co-workers, whether they are together to you as if they are on the other side of the world. Share a folder with your team to maintain synchronized work. Also you can easily create a link to any file or folder when you need to share them out of its working group.

And much more...


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