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Our difference:
Know how and where you store your files.

EXCLUSIVE CLUSTER FOR YOUR COMPANY AND IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE EUROPEAN DATA PROTECTION DIRECTIVES: In exfiler we create a private cluster exclusive to your company. In this way a higher level of security is achieved, since the nodes and storage used are not shared with other clients. We are currently the only provider in the market to offer this level of security and service modality. This way, the outsourcing of space is avoided, as other suppliers (usually with Amazon S3) do. In addition, subcontracting usually means that your files are managed or assigned to outside companies or organizations. The latter never happens in exfiler. Our clusters are physically located in Falkestein (Germany), in the most advanced DataCenter complex with the highest Bandwidth in Europe. It is in accordance with the L.O.P.D. (Organic Law on Data Protection, Law 15/99) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / EU Data Protection Directive 95/46 / EC. Legally all its archives are geolocalized in the European Union and are not managed nor ceded to third companies or external organizations.

DOUBLE SAFETY SYSTEM: In addition to encrypted access (SSL), your files are saved encrypted (AES). Encryption is done directly by our cluster before saving your files to it. In this way, your files are always recorded and encrypted in our cluster, thus ensuring maximum confidentiality of the service. See our brief "Encryption User Guide" for more information.

A SERVICE DIRECTLY EXCLUSIVELY TO COMPANIES: We are specialized in fulfilling the requirements of "quality of service" required in the business field since 1997.

MODEL OF CUSTOMER CARE: With us we will also have direct attention by qualified personnel. Each client is assigned to a specific account manager, who will provide a personalized and continuous support.

EXPERIENCE: In exfiler we have applied our experience of more than 20 years in the realization and management of clusters dedicated to large companies and European research centers. We are a stable and consolidated company in the Internet services market since 1997. Throughout all these years, we are proud to have achieved great trust and reliability among our customers.


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